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The ValleRy Nevada - You are hereEnter The ValleRy, the first, paid for in part by Nevada Arts Council and National Endowment for the Arts, Virtual Reality gallery for Las Vegas and International artists, and creators. The Vallery is the same as an IRL gallery but different in that it can be seen from anywhere in the world giving exhibitors extraordinary, and unparalleled exposure.

The Vallery is connected to the real world by portals placed in partner locations. This project brings much needed new gallery space to Las Vegas. The new space is built using Virtual Reality technology, it is accessed using a QR Code placed at ‘partnership’ locations. The ValleRy has the technical, management and marketing tools needed to support a professional VR gallery and associated promotional events.

The ValleRy launched on 27th June with an exhibition showcase of my cryptographic portraiture work. The goal of this exhibition is to demonstrate the benefits of using Virtual Reality and to showcase the gallery to potential new partnership portals on the Las Vegas Strip and in other locations.

The goal is to provide local and international artists exposure on the Strip by using Strip-based ‘partner’ portals. Breaking the Strip is incredibly difficult but essential to earning a living as a local artist in Clark County. The gallery operates as physical galleries do with a program of exhibitions, educational opportunities and events that connect it to real local venues. I launched this concept in London in November 2023 with great success and showcased 27 both Las Vegas and worldwide artists with both a physical and VR gallery experience in central London with four ASN RSA Network galleries.

The inaugural exhibition is ‘Everything Starts with a Pencil’. I have produced a series of 10 portraits of local people and icons that incorporate elements of cryptography. This will bring my cryptography work together with my portraiture and is the natural next step for my artistic development.

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