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Art Wear ShowWhat a night! The Art Houz theather was full, Zoë, the models, staging crew, bloggers, and photographers were in full swing, and the audience laped up an hour of incredible entertainment.

It was an amazing celebration of Vegas Cool showcasing Zoe's beautiful artwear, stories, and videos. There were 40 different outfits being worn by eight models who together, told the story of modern-day (1900-2023) Las Vegas.

The influence of Las Vegas, and its eventful history, on Zoë was evident in the clothes on the runway. Some of those events influenced not just Zoë, but the world! The Nevada Test Site which is only 65 miles north of the City, produced some of the most iconic and sinister photographs and videos we have ever seen. Photographs taken during the atomic era were reshaped into beatiful shirts and pants in super-fine lawn cotton fabric and proved very popular with the audience.

Zoë paid homage to JC Penney, who provided clothes for Operation Doorstep in 1953 (Civil Defence public information excercise on how to survive an atomic blast), by including JC Penney tanktops to compliment some the outfits she was showcasing, she said, 'I wanted to create connections to the present day and I also needed some tops to complete some of the outfits, I just thought, what a great way to make history real'.

The finale saw 21 different outfits influenced by Las Vegas, or should we say Paradise, in the 1990's, 'this is my absolute favourite decade, it's the sim-city Vegas I fell in love with first, and of course all of it is still here! she said. 'Excalibur, Luxor, New York New York, Bellagio and Paris Las Vegas, they are a huge visual treat, so fantastic to draw, and they make incredible patterns when printed on to fabric' - she went on to say.

“I was so excited to work with Zoe Camper on Las Vegas’ Influence on Absolutely Everything for Nevada Preservation Foundation’s annual Home + History 2023 festival. The event she created and produced along with the beautiful scarves she hand-made for us to give to our guests were beyond my expectations. We also received numerous compliments from our guests stating the uniqueness of what she had created.  She is passionate about her work and it shows in everything she does.  I look forward to partnering with Ms. Camper again in the future.” --Suzey Van Ness Home + History Program Director. 

Thanks go to the models: Tiffany, Krystal, Hannah, Andie, Sophie, Justine, Trey, and Race. Staging crew: Wendy, Diana, Rose, Ian, and Peter. Music: Johnny. Art Houz theater staff: Brittany, Andrea, Josh, and others. All the NPF staff and volunteers.

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  • Zoë Camper This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Facebook: zoe.camper.1 Insta: ZoeACamper Web: www.zoecamper.com
  • Nevada Preservation Foundation - Suzey Van Ness Consultant, Program Director 702.328.38
  • Vivitiv - Jacqueline McCarthy 549 E St Louis Ave Las Vegas, NV 89104 206.619.8533

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