Core Contemporary Gallery of Fine Art

900 E. Karen Avenue, Suite B111, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Gallery hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 12pm-4pm (Thursday and Friday to 8pm)

Closing Reception 6-8pm Friday 30th December

Your last chance to see and buy a piece of Zoë Camper's work. You will also be able to collect work you have purchased at the event after 7pm.


Artist and London transplant Zoë Camper’s solo show opens on Friday, Nov. 11th, 6-8pm. Camper combines labor intensive highly-detailed drawings with technology to explore storytelling, pattern-making and cryptography.

Working on paper and fabric to create both art and artwear, she explores friendship and trust in all its forms. See 14 portraits of close friends whose trust and love is without question contrasted by the accurate retelling of a story that has been encrypted to ensure it cannot be changed or manipulated, using the same encryption technique as NFTs.

Camper also presents the Las Vegas Strip in six large meticulously-drawn casino and ‘Caller’ characters, who are also protected by their own unique cryptographic signatures. This really is a must-see show, in terms of pure originality and dedication to a practice.

Original works and limited-edition prints available for purchase starting at $150.00

Contact Zoe Camper LLC +1 (702) 690 6872 for more information.