Luxor Las Vegas Fitted Shirt Cotton Lawn

$225.00 each
Men - Tops and Shirts
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Luxor Las Vegas Fitted Shirt Cotton Lawn

Fitted shirts are fitted but not meant to be tight, unless you order a smaller size that is. Check the measurements to ensure you have the right size for the kind of fit you want.

The shirt is designed for smart occasions but can also be worn un-tucked with jeans, casual pants, or chinos. The hem of the shirt has a beautiful curve reflecting a classic shirt cut and design. The collar is relatively small, and works open or buttoned up, depending on your mood.

The buttons do up on the old-school ‘mans’ side, so button on the right and buttonhole on the left. The sleeves are short but not too short leaving a space above the elbow (Other lengths are available).

Sizes and Measurements


  • Feel
  • Weight
  • Pre-washed
  • Printing
  • Detail
  • Material
  • Fabric manufacturer
  • Fabric origin
This is lightweight and feels super soft and luxurious on your skin.
2.4 oz/square yd (81 gsm)
Yes. All fabric is washed before we make your garment.
It is printed in the USA using eco-friendly, water-based inks.
The print is wonderfully sharp and matte, the colours are strong and designed to last.
100% Cotton. Cotton Lawn is a fine and lightweight higher quality cotton.
Manufacturer: Spoonflower a printing company that uses an eco-friendly process, sustainable operational practices, uses water-based pigment inks and dyes and has initiatives that continue to lower waste byproducts.
The material comes from South Korea and we checked with our supplier, you can be confident that you are buying something that was made by people with autonomy and free will.

Limited Edition

LE Numbers 100This is a Limited Edition (LE) piece of Art-Wear, there will be a maximum of 100 garments made in this style and fabric. Limited Editions are registered and traceable, in the same way our products are traceable. You will receive a unique registration code, and ownership information, with your order.

Drawings and prints are also available in different picture formats and print runs, some are released in limited editions, in different colours, and some are available as cards and postcards.

Luxor Las Vegas


The symbolic shape of the pyramid, the hard black surface reflects the Las Vegas sun with a ferocious power and at the same time welcomes the hardy visitor to Las Vegas.

The Luxor makes the Las Vegas Skyline even more odd, and more iconic than many of the other hotels and casinos on the Strip. It would be sorely missed if it were to beam itself into the sky, never to be seen again.

The triangle is one of the strongest shapes used for structures and has a history that goes back thousands of years from Buckminster-Fuller’s geodesic domes, all the way back to the ‘real’ pyramids of Egypt. It is one of the boldest themes and is perfect inspiration for Zoë’s artwork.

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