Highbrow meets Lowbrow. High quality beautiful Art-Wear showcasing Zoë’s ‘Lowbrow’ art, and fabric design. Art-wear that is edgy, distinctive, designed to stand out, and be the ultimate style statement. And a great feature is, it's inspired by, and made in Nevada, USA.

I fell in love with a city that is utterly unique, strange, and surprising. Las Vegas makes living extraordinary, it has had a huge impact on my drawing, and fabric design. I love Las Vegas, it is America's most brilliant, and compelling destination city.

Being a maker/designer has been intrinsic to everything I have done; This is a lifelong project realised. It's my label, drawings, designs, and passion, all together in one place. I am showing my work as an artist, my love of Las Vegas, and creating a slow-fashion business to help support local makers.

My passion rules my life; I hunt down clothes and shoes, I look at clothes for hours on end, I am obsessed with the cut, the cloth, how it might feel on my skin; smooth, rough, thick, thin. How a garment hangs on your body is extremely important, where the fabric was made, what country the item was made in, who made it, it is an endless passion.

I am often disappointed when buying clothes; the ‘unboxing’, the tissue paper, plastic packaging, the smell, the quality of the make, can leave me feeling underwhelmed. Rarely is the product made really well, I have no idea if the maker was paid fairly, if it is a genuine ‘brand made’ at origin, or under license, or fake, or how far it has been shipped. I feel empty, I feel guilty, I am desperate to change that, and bring something fantastic, extremely high quality, and unique to the Art-Wear world. 

I am not starting a new trend for sustainability, but it is a key element of my business and loving and valuing your clothes leads to a longer lifespan, and means less waste. Feeling good about what you are wearing is also key.

A study by three psychology scientists Gims, Norton and Ariely, showed that people who wear fake couture clothing actually don't feel the same burst of pride or status as those who wear the real thing.

Faking it, it turns out, makes us feel fake. Being genuine and feeling genuinely good about what you wear is a strong motivation, and that includes knowing that the people who make the clothes are treated and paid fairly, and knowing that if you are paying more for a premium product, that you really do have that genuine premium product.

Art Work

The inspiration for this drawing comes from the water, The Bellagio Las Vegas fountain is beautiful, but lying underneath it is some serious technology.
The fabulous Flamingo is one of the few ‘historic’ Casinos remaining on the Strip, and what an irresistible show of neon on the building.
The symbolic shape of the pyramid, the hard black surface reflects the Las Vegas sun with a ferocious power and at the same time welcomes visitors to Las Vegas.
One of the most famous skylines in Las Vegas, perfect for a ‘Caller’ to deliver a message about the fragility of our planet.
Excalibur Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, the mediaeval fantasy hotel and casino that opened in 1990. It was one of the most fun to draw and place in a different world.