Flamingo Las Vegas Wide Leg Pants Red Crepe De Chine

$210.00 each
Women - Pants and Trousers
Leg length - Inside seam

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Flamingo Las Vegas Wide Leg Pants Crepe De Chine


All the way down to your feet and maybe just a bit further as these can be cut with up to a 38” inside seam, if you need a different length, please select the length from the options menu. Built for style and comfort the wide leg provides plenty of space to move and enjoy whatever you are doing.

Elasticated waist and optional pockets bring utility and comfort.  Just go out, or stay in, and have some fun.

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Delicate and semi-transparent plain weave polyester crepe de chine. Beautifully light and elegant it is one of our favorites for blouses, pants, and scarves for the warmer months. So that’s anytime in Las Vegas!
1.9 oz/square yd (53.9 gsm)
Yes. All fabric is washed before we make your garment.
The print is wonderfully sharp and matte, the colours are strong and designed to last.
You can just see through a single layer of this fabric when holding up to the light, but against your skin it will be more opaque. Double layers of this, as used in some of our scarves, are completely opaque.
100% Polyester.
Spoonflower a printing company that uses an eco-friendly process, sustainable operational practices, uses water-based pigment inks and dyes and has initiatives that continue to lower waste byproducts.
The material comes from China and we checked with our supplier, you can be confident that you are buying something that was made by people with autonomy and free will.

Limited Edition

LE Numbers 250This is a Limited Edition (LE) piece of Art-Wear, there will be a maximum of 250 garments made in this style and fabric. Limited Editions are registered and traceable, in the same way our products are traceable. You will receive a unique registration code, and ownership information, with your order.

Drawings and prints are also available in different picture formats and print runs, some are released in limited editions, in different colours, and some are available as cards and postcards.

Flamingo Las Vegas



The fabulous Flamingo is one of the few ‘historic’ Casinos remaining on the Strip, and what an irresistible show of neon on the building. A perfect scene for a Caller to emerge through the substrata of the Las Vegas Strip.

The graphical style of this image celebrates the decorative style used in Zoë’s work, and mirrors some of the gorgeous ‘chasing’ neon lighting.

The Flamingo is a centre piece on the Las Vegas Strip, and is a huge source of inspiration in Zoë’s work.

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