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Paris Las Vegas

$2,000.00 each
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This Casino was crying out to be drawn, the scaled down version of the Eiffel Tower is incredible in its detail and robustness, it is an amazingly bold structure.

In this drawing the Caller is breaking in two because of the sheer strength needed to push through the ground. I loved drawing the split face, it is a new departure that I think will continue as I try to bring a more three-dimensional look to my drawings.

I like the idea of objects flying around as they are pushed aside. I also reintroduced the light beams from the sun, it is also a great way to add texture to the drawing.

Project: Las Vegas Casinos

18" x 24" Original Work

Signed: Yes, by the Artist. Signed on the front, and has a unique identifying mark added by the artist
Original Artwork: Registered, Original Artwork Only One Available
Paper: 300 gsm Archive Quality Watercolour paper
Paper dimensions: 18” X 24" (46cm X 61cm)
Delivery: The item is delivered in a sturdy flat cardboard box
Copyright: All Rights Reserved Zoe Camper

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