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A Website Purchase

$495.00 each
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A Website purchase email arrives! There's a sale. It's the first person to place an order on my new ecoms website. Another step to earning a living as an artist. This pencil and indentation drawing uses a pixelated block technique to draw the portrait and to also display the public key text needed to reveal an underlying story.  Project: Everything Starts with a Pencil

18" x 24" Original Work

Signed: Yes, by the Artist. Signed on the front, and has a unique identifying mark added by the artist
Original Artwork: Registered, Original Artwork Only One Available
Paper: 300 gsm Archive Quality Watercolour paper
Paper dimensions: 18” X 24" (46cm X 61cm)
Delivery: The item is delivered in a sturdy flat cardboard box
Copyright: All Rights Reserved Zoe Camper

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