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Zoë Camper is a practicing artist and technologist. She is CEO of Zoë Camper LLC, an RSA Fellow, and Co-Founder of the Augmented Society Network. She is a London native based in Fabulous Las Vegas.

Zoë works at the intersection of art and technology, her creative practice combines labor-intensive, highly detailed drawings with technology to explore storytelling, pattern making and cryptography.

She combines technologies to experiment with encryption, and the process required to encrypt, obscure, hide, and reveal messages in her work.  Using XR and other digital tools to both produce, and influence her work, has enabled her to push the boundaries of both analog, and digital formats. She also uses encryption to ensure provenance, and proof of authenticity, using the same decentralized encryption techniques as the blockchain and NFT’s. She has exhibited in the UK and USA and has spoken at many conferences around the world, and led the team that created the UK’s first IBM Watson AI virtual health companion.

Everything starts with an idea, a story, and my pencils (my favorite medium).  My work falls into different styles and categories including fantastical landscapes, portraiture, and conceptual works. I am inspired by built environments, fantasy, and simply experimenting with different types of structural elements. I love playing with what is real, what is made-up, or partially obscured, and combining that with stories, people, characters, and technology.

Her intellectual work explores creativity, privacy, kinship, and trust in all its forms. The Augmented Society Network creates an inspiring, and safe place for collaborators and thinkers to explore the impact of augmentative technology on society and the environment. It has produced experimental exhibitions, and publications combining unlikely, or disruptive sources to push creativity’s boundaries, and generate exciting thinking, and new partnerships. 

Zoe taught Design Principles, Convergent Journalism, and Advance Coding at the BBC Academy, holds a Post Graduate Cert of Education and Hons Degree in 3D Design.

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