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My 'brand' or reputation is my purpose, it's a promise I keep. A brand is what holds us together, and brings cohesion. It is what guides our decision making, our impact on the planet, and how we live equitably and respectfully with what we create.


‘Life’s journey made real’, the joy of an authentic life founded on individuality, care, and equitable prosperity.’

  • Make High-quality beautiful things people will love.
  • Sustainable clothing, Circular model ‘Making’, and equitable prosperity.
  • Genuine proof that what you have is real.

Three specific goals

1. All our garments are made in the USA, in Nevada. We aren’t aiming for this, it is our promise.

2. We make-to-order, we will never over-buy, or discard unwanted stock. This is a huge commitment, and it slows us down, but it is absolutely the right thing to do.

3. We will wherever possible source our materials in the USA, where we cannot, we will check with suppliers to understand the processes, and suppliers they use, and where they are using sustainable models.

Our brand drives what we do in the moment, in a constant state of change, and the need to make decisions about what we do. Our decision to do something is based on our brand goals.

Made In Nevada Logo Horiz Sm

  • Make beautiful things.
  • Make things people want.
  • Create a circular business that does as little harm to the planet as possible.
  • Create a connection between people, and the clothes they wear to lengthen the lifespan of a garment.
  • Work with technology in a positive and useful way.
  • Promote Las Vegas as a unique and wonderful place to live and to visit.
  • Create a viable business structure.
  • Create a hybrid shop using real and virtual experiences.
  • Have as much fun as possible and spread some joy.

Equality and inclusion

  • Equality of opportunity - Zoë Camper LLC believes in creating a world that is fair for all.
  • Belonging is a strong, and central feeling, we should all experience.
  • Equality in sizing – One size does not fit all, we do not make ‘straight’ sizes, we will make the size that fits you.
  • Empathy – understand your privilege, and listen.

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