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The ValleRy Launch Collection - Issue Ten

$50.00 each

To celebrate the launch of the ValleRy 10 unique one-off prints that show the ValleRy VR Gallery with its first exhibition have been produced. The cards are printed once and will be cryptographically protected with RSA Key encryption. The authentic print will have the Public key data that contains the buyers information, and can be verified via the verify database.

Project: The ValleRy Launch Collection

4" x 7" Original Work

Signed: Yes, by the Artist. Signed on the front, and has a unique identifying mark added by the artist Plus RSA Encryption.
Original Artwork: Registered, Original Artwork Only One Available
Paper: 100 gsm Archive Quality Watercolour paper
Paper dimensions: 4” X 7" (10cm X 18cm)
Delivery: The item is delivered in a sturdy flat envelope
Copyright: All Rights Reserved Zoe Camper

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