New York New York Las Vegas T-shirt Purple

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New York New York Las Vegas T-shirt Purple

100% USA Made Modern Jersey. A classic piece of kit for every wardrobe. You can select short, medium or long sleeves for the different seasons. They are a relaxed fit and the jersey has a lovey drape. The design covers the whole garment, and the fabric is wonderfully soft on your skin.

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  • Feel
  • Weight
  • Pre-washed
  • Pattern
  • Detail
  • Material
  • Fabric manufacturer
  • Fabric origin
Light/Medium weight knit with cotton-like feel and it really works with our colour printed images.
6.2 oz/square yd (210 gsm)
Yes. All fabric is washed before we make your garment.
The detail in the print is sharp and looks really great.
The best thing of all, is that it is made in America, we absolutely love that, it makes us feel warm inside. This is a fantastic fabric for T-Shirts and leggings.
95% polyester, 5% spandex. Stretch 25% horizontal and vertical.
100% USA Made Modern Jersey. We checked with our supplier, you can be confident that you are buying something that was made by people with autonomy and free will.

Limited Edition

LE Numbers 50

This is a Limited Edition (LE) piece of Art-Wear, there will be a maximum of 50 garments made in this style and fabric. Limited Editions are registered and traceable, in the same way our products are traceable. You will receive a unique registration code, and ownership information, with your order.

Drawings and prints are also available in different picture formats and print runs, some are released in limited editions, in different colours, and some are available as cards and postcards.

New York New York Las Vegas

FRAMED New York New York


One of the most famous skylines in Las Vegas, perfect for a ‘Caller’ to deliver a message about the fragility of our planet.

The facade that Vegas uses to draw millions of tourists is so appealing, and an endless source of stories and inspiration.

Las Vegas is a living breathing lesson, to us all, about how to have fun. You are also challenged to grapple with what is real, and what truly, is not.

This is such a great visual source, it involves all the senses, with many different textures, lines, shapes, and colours. And there is nothing like hearing the screams and rumble coming from the cars on the beautiful curved rails of The Big Apple roller coaster.

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