Bellagio Las Vegas Limited Edition Giclee Print 11 x 14

Limited Edition 20
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$75.00 each

Bellagio Las Vegas

Bellagio Las Vegas

The inspiration for this drawing comes from the water. The Bellagio Las Vegas fountain is beautiful, but lying underneath it is some serious technology.

The mixture of technology and beauty is what Las Vegas is famous for, it mixes the two brilliantly at the Bellagio, and makes it a perfect location for a message from a ‘Caller’.

Callers are Zoë’s characters, they are used to tell us ‘all is not well with the world’, whether that be the natural, or artificial world.

The hotel building is relatively simple, in Las Vegas terms, but it acts as headpiece for the Caller emerging from the lake.

The Caller is breaking through the water, with the hotel on top, like a huge headdress.

Copyright Zoe Camper


Signed: Yes, by the Artist. Each print is signed on the front, and has a unique identifying mark added by the artist.
Run number: Registered, Limited Editon of 20 Giclee prints.
Printed on: 200 G/M2 Watercolour textured paper.
Print paper dimensions: 11” X 14" (28cm X 35.5cm)
Delivery: The print is delivered in a flat cardboard envelope.

Limited Edition Prints

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